Our work

Are you the type of manager who thinks that an accountant is only useful during tax season? It is hardly surprising, especially since they are the ones who help us get through the complicated world of financial statements and tax computation. But there is more to accounting than that. It can actually help you manage your enterprise and make wise decisions when it comes to the acquisition of property, plant, and equipment.

This is where AWS Bookkeeping & Accounting Inc comes in. We do not claim to be the best accounting firm in Boca Raton, FL, but we strongly believe in timeliness and accuracy, which are two of the most important values in accounting. So if you want to know more about us and how we can help you, then you should pay close attention to what we say.

Bookkeeping – This is the foundation of most accounting services because this is the basis of any financial report. As a professional accountant, our first task in this kind of project would be to review your sales receipts, note receivables, and purchase vouchers. This way, we would be able to determine if your company has a weak spot that is vulnerable to theft.

Once we are done, we would start making journal entries. This is where accuracy comes in. We need to be really careful in this phase because an error in the journal entries will cause a domino effect that will reflect on the final financial statements. This may seem to be a harmless situation, but keep in mind that a financial report bearing mistakes may lead to an auditor’s adverse opinion. This will eventually lead to steep government fines.

So if you need the help of an accountant, you should not hesitate to ask help from AWS Bookkeeping & Accounting Inc. We have been the accounting partner of so many entrepreneurs in Boca Raton, FL since 1992. So there is no one better to help you than us. Call us now at (561) 674-5575 for more information!